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33 Kw ABB String Inverters

33 Kw ABB String Inverters

Product Details

Type String Inverter
Certification CE Certified
Application Home, Industrial
Feature Easy To Oprate
Frequency 50hz
Automatic Grade Automatic
Warranty 1year
Color Available In Many Colors

ABB string inverters cost-efficiently convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar modules into high quality three-phase alternating current (AC) that can be fed into the power distribution network (i.e. grid). Designed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain – from system integrators and installers to end users – these transformerless, three-phase inverters are designed for decentralized photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in commercial and industrial systems up to megawatt (MW) sizes.


A three-phase inverter from the world’s leading power technology company

ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, brings decades of experience, technology leadership and application know-how from renewable energies to this new string inverter. Such experience and technology ensures high quality, safe and reliable solar inverters are delivered every time.


High power package for decentralized PV systems

ABB’s three-phase PRO-33 string inverter is designed for medium and large decentralized PV systems either on large-scale commercial and industrial rooftops or ground-mounted PV plants. The inverter offers cost-efficiency in a high power, wall-mountable package with very high conversion efficiency. The all-in-one design with built-in and monitored PV plant protection devices reduces the need of costly external devices.


The single maximum power point tracker (MPPT) and optimized MPPT window are suitable for uniformshaped PV plants with long strings connected to the inverter. The high maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V gives PV plant designers extra flexibility and allows more PV modules to be connected in series to reduce cabling costs.



  • Compact, high power wall-mountable package
  • High maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V
  • Configurable all-in-one design
  • Advanced grid support functions
  • Safe and intuitive user interface
  • Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating suitable for outdoor installation


Configurable all-in-one design

The ABB PRO-33.0 string inverter comes in three product variants. The standard model with or without DC switch is designed for use with an external string combiner box. The all-in-one model with built-in string combiner box includes a DC switch, string current monitoring with alarm, PV fuses, monitored surge protection devices and tool-less solar quick connectors. The inverter’s all-in-one design, with built-in and monitored PV plant protection devices, reduces the need of costly external devices.


High total efficiency maximizes return on investment

The PRO-33.0 inverter offers a high conversion and MPP tracking efficiency in all conditions. A flat efficiency curve provides high revenues in low and high radiation conditions.


Fast and easy commissioning

Fast PV plant commissioning is enabled via preprogrammed country grid code settings that are easily selectable. Extensive certification ensures wide grid code compatibility. Plug and Play DC and AC connectors enable fast and safe cabling. A touch protected installation area provides additional safety and comfort for inverter installation and maintenance.

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Technical data and types

Type designation 33 kW
Input side
Absolute maximum DC input voltage (Vmax,abs) 1100 V 4)
Startup DC input voltage (Vstart) 610 V
Operating DC input voltage range (Vdcmin...Vdcmax) 580 to 950 V
Rated DC input voltage (Vdcr) 580 V
Rated DC input power (Pdcr) 33 700 W
Number of independent MPPT 1
MPPT input DC voltage range (VMPPTmin...VMPPTmax) at Pacr 580 to 850 V
Maximum DC input current (Idcmax)/for each MPPT (IMPPTmax) 58 A
Maximum input short circuit current for each MPPT 80 A
Number of DC input pairs for each MPPT 1 in Standard and -S version/8 in -SX version
DC connection type PV quick fit connector 3) on -SX version / Screw terminal block on Standard and -S version
Input protection
Reverse polarity protection Yes, from limited current source
Input over voltage protection for each MPPT - varistor (-/S) version Yes
Input over voltage protection - plug in modular surge arrester (-SX version) Type 2
Photovoltaic array isolation control According to local standard
DC switch rating for each MPPT (version with DC switch) 58 A / 1000 V, 50 A / 1200 V
Fuse rating (versions with fuses ) 15 A / 1100 V
Output side
AC grid connection type Three-phase 3W+PE or 4W+PE
Rated AC power (Pacr @cosφ>0.99 ) 33 000 W
Maximum apparent power (Smax) 33 000 VA
Rated AC grid voltage (Vac,r) 400 V
AC voltage range 320 to 480 V 1)
Maximum AC output current (Iac,max) 50.3 A
Contributory fault current 50.3 A
Rated output frequency (fr) 50 Hz/60 Hz
Output frequency range (fmin...fmax) 47 to 53 Hz/57 to 63 Hz 2)
Nominal power factor and adjustable range > 0.995, with Pacr = 33.0 kW, adj. ± 0.9 with Pacr =29.7 kW, adj. ± 0 to 1 with S =
33.0 kVA
Total current harmonic distortion < 3%
AC connection type Fixed plug type connector
Output protection
Anti-islanding protection According to local standard
Maximum external AC overcurrent protection 80 A
Output overvoltage protection - varistor 5
Operating performance
Maximum efficiency (ηmax) 0.98
Weighted efficiency (EURO/CEC) 98.0% / 98.1%
Feed in power threshold 20 W
Night consumption < 1 W
Remote monitoring VSN700 Data Logger (opt.)
User interface Detachable graphical display
Ambient temperature range -25 to +60°C /-13 to 140°F wi th derating above 45°C/113°F
Relative humidity 0 to 100% condensing
Sound pressure level, typical 67 dBA @ 1 m
Maximum operating altitude without derating 3000 m / 9840 ft
Environmental protection rating IP65 (IP54 fans)
Cooling Forced
Dimension (H x W x D) mm/inch 740 x 520 x 300 mm / 29.1" x 20.5" x 11.8"
Weight kg / lb < 66.0 kg / 146 lbs (standard version)
Mounting system Wall bracket
Isolation level Transformerless
Marking CE, RCM
Safety and EMC standard IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, EN61000-6-2, AS/NZS 3200, EN61000-6-3,
EN61000-3-11, EN61000-3-12
Grid standard (check availability) CEI 0-21, CEI 0-16, DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105, G59/3, C10/11,
EN 50438 (not for all national appendices), PPC Greece, RD 1699, RD 413,
RD 661, P.O. 12.3, UNE206007-1, AS 4777, BDEW, NRS-097-2-1, SAGC, MEA,
PEA, IEC 61727, IEC 62116, ABNT NBR16149/16150, VFR-2014
Available product variants
Standard PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD-400
With DC switch PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD-S-400
With DC switch, fuses and DC surge arresters PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD-SX-400

ABB PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD string inverter block diagram

ABB PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD string inverter block diagram

Efficiency curves of PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD

Efficiency curves of PRO-33.0-TL-OUTD

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